Allen's provides stunning diamonds with a selection of unique settings and unrivaled personal care. Best in Charlotte!

Reviewed On 9/12/2017

I don't say this often, even if the service is amazing, but I must say the moment I stepped into Allen's Jewelers, I was treated like FAMILY!

Once I arrived in the store, I spoke with Lauren was did nothing but calm my nerves and listen to my request in designing a engagement ring. Afterwards, every question in the book, she presented to me. Her questions were genuine, thoughtful but caring. We went through, my then girlfriend, Instagram, secret Pineterst account and even Facebook just to get a feel for what she liked and what I wanted. Lauren took every detail and hand selected rings to see my reaction :D After picking a few rings Lauren made some notes, we spoke about budget and I told her I would return in a week. 

A week later I returned with my Father and Lauren was there again with a great smile and better suggestions. She instructed me that her and her mom spoke about my girlfriend career and why a ring, slightly out of my budget would be a better option! Im sooooooo glad I listen and chose the ring. 

I could go on and on about how my Dad bragged about their customer service, how, nice and genuine her mom is. How you their setting is better than any "Chain" jewelry store in Charlotte...but I will say this: "It's a reason their reviews are so high, please do me and yourself a favor and go see them!"

I promise Lauren and Her mom, my review was coming because I was blown away by their genuine care and attentiveness. Im thankful I stopped through and I can't wait for them to meet my fiancé!

Reviewed On 9/6/2017

From the moment we first stepped into Allen's beautiful shop we instantly knew it was special and unique. So many of the interactions we had at other jewelers lacked the commitment, communication, and creativity of our work with Karen. The bride to be has very specific and unusual style and Karen went above and beyond to create a collaborative experience that resulted in a piece far beyond our imagining. We look forward to continuing to work with Karen for years to come!

Reviewed On 6/5/2017

I came to Allen's Jewelers for a unique engagement ring and couldn't be happier with the result. Karen and Lauren worked with me every step of the way to design a truly one-of-a-kind non-diamond engagement ring. They were both very receptive to the style and features that my fiancee wanted and Karen played a critical role in obtaining the stone my fiancee was looking for. Both Karen and Lauren were honest, open, and kind to me. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy jeweler to take on the responsibility of something as serious as an engagement ring.

Reviewed On 2/6/2017

This review should have been completed around Christmas time, but the fact that I came back to write it should say a lot to you, the reader, about how customer service is Allen's Jewelers #1 priority. 

I came into the store with a very simple idea of what I wanted to get my wife for Christmas. Karen and Lauren gave me great options that allowed me to really customize the necklace I had made. They always provided me updates throughout the design process which was very helpful and reassured me that I made the right decision in choosing this business. The end result was amazing. I was so excited to come into the store and see the finished product, it was soooooo much better than I could have ever envisioned and my wife loves her necklace!!

Every thing from the design process down to the gift wrapping was a near perfect experience. I would highly recommended Allen's Jewelers to everyone. We will definitely continue to show Karen and Lauren our business.

Reviewed On 6/1/2016

Allen's does amazing work! They repaired my vintage engagement ring and made it stronger and more beautiful than ever. I'm grateful for their time and talent!

Reviewed On 1/24/2016

There is a reason that Allen's was voted The Best in Charlotte in 2015! Karen and Lauren are wonderful. They really treated my fiancee and me like family as we went through the process of selecting wedding bands. When our bands ended up coming at different times, they personally delivered the second band directly to our home! Talk about customer service!!

Reviewed On 5/07/2015

I bought my fiancé's engagement ring at Allen's Jewelers and I highly recommend anyone else out there shopping do the same! The best people, the best products and the best value. Period! Prior to visiting Allen's Jewelers, which I am so thankful for the referral to do so, I shopped at three other dealers and jewelers. Its not even fair to compare her to others because its apples and oranges. I was referred to Allen's Jewelers from a coworker of mine that had recently got engaged and he too had been to a few other jewelers and dealers prior and I now know why he chose Allen's Jewelers. Karen Allen, owner of Allen's Jewelers, truly cares about her clients. From the first day I met with her to the day I bought the ring I never once felt pressured or sold. Through the entire process and during our one on one visits she helped educate me on everything about diamonds, provided several options within my budget with a one of a kind personal touch and real service that you don't get these days. I am in sales so naturally I have my guard up for any large purchase but with Allen's Jeweler's you can leave your guard at the door. My fiancé is so happy with her ring and tells me each day how beautiful it is and that she cant stop looking at it. I can't say enough about Karen and her team at Allen's Jewelers and you are in the market for an engagement ring you must go see Karen!

Reviewed On 2/17/2015

My experience with Karen and Allen Jewelers is knowledgeable personal service. They really take the time to listen and help you find exactly what you are looking for. I had the privilege of meeting Karen when I got engaged and my future mother-in-law suggested I go see Karen to have my ring sized. My engagement ring is a family air loom that has been in the family for over 130 years. We wanted to make sure that we could trust the people and work ethic of the company that was going to work on this ring to make sure and maintain the integrity of the ring. They definitely did this and even made a slight design to the band that went along with the style of the ring. It turned out beautiful and I constantly get compliments on the ring. When it came time to get our wedding bands there was no other place we would want to go than back to Allen Jewelers. They again took the time to listen and suggest different styles to us. We ultimately walked away completely satisfied and will continue to come back to Allen Jewelers for our jewelry shopping.... can't wait.

Reviewed On 2/11/2015

I recently purchased an engagement ring from Allen’s Jewelers. Throughout the entire process, it was a pleasure working with them. Karen first met with me and walked me through the diamond process. During that time, she was very open and flexible to different ideas for the ring. During this time, I felt that she was more than happy to accommodate any of the different ideas I was thinking about. During the next step of the process, Karen then helped me to compare several different diamonds that fit my needs. Her insight was fantastic, and really helped me find the stone I ultimately selected. She suggested that I look at each stone under different kinds of lights, as this strongly impacts the stones’ radiance. She was absolutely right! She also showed me the stones under the microscope, and helped teach me the characteristics that define each stone. Being able to compare each stone was crucial to selecting the diamond I chose. When I proposed and showed my fiancé the ring, she was blown away! But the ring is stunning because Karen worked with me, and listened to my ideas the entire time. Again, it was a pleasure to work with Allen Jewelers.

Reviewed On 2/02/2015

Karen genuinely participated in our engagement ring selection and wedding band selection. Her advice is authentic and authoritative, as she has been in the business over 20 years with a wealth of knowledge on diamonds and gemstones. We were looking for a colored gemstone for the engagement ring and she had a fabulous variety of stones to offer! It was fun to learn about the different stones and the hardness "factor" of each as this is a lifelong investment and with daily use, needed to be a hard stone - like a diamond. We couldn't be more pleased - 6 years later - with our selections and I receive many many compliments on the beauty and uniqueness of my engagement ring. There was a wide range of styles and shapes and cuts to choose from and Karen skillfully helped us find a unique piece that was fitting to our personality and individuality! Now I purchase all of my fine jewelry at Allen's Jewelers - be it for personal use or for a special gift (graduation, Mother's Day, birthday, etc.) !!

Reviewed On 1/26/2015 

I can't say enough about how pleased we are with our experience as customers of Allen's Jewelers. The quality, care, and personal attention Karen Allen provides is unrivaled. When my husband and I first met Karen through a referral, we had no idea what we were doing or what we wanted. Karen sat down with us and took the time to educate us on diamond buying and answer all of our questions. She showed us many different rings to help guide us to the styles we liked. She spent the time to get to know us, and it was never rushed. After we narrowed down the general style together, my husband and Karen worked together to create the perfect ring. I could not have been more thrilled on the day he proposed with a gorgeous asscher cut diamond solitaire and custom setting.Months later, Karen also helped us find the perfect wedding bands to complete the set. Then, about two weeks before our wedding date, my engagement ring was stolen. I was absolutely devastated. I could barely speak when I left a message for Karen explaining what happened. She immediately sprung to action getting in touch with all of her contacts to find another diamond, and create the custom setting. By the time the insurance company came through, she already had the new ring ready to go, and it was on my finger before we left for the wedding. Karen was my saving grace!! If you want an honest and personal experience from a knowledgeable certified gemologist with high quality selection, Allen's Jewelers is the best in Charlotte. We send all of our friends to Karen.